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Pokemon Brand Gets Its Own Visa Card

People thought that the Pokemon brand has achieved peak exposure when they came out with Pikachu-themed curry rice, but those people probably thought long and hard then changed their minds after realizing that they still can’t purchase things using Pokemon money (except if you’re Nintendo, because in their case Pokemon actually prints money.)

Fret no more, Pokemon-addled brains of my friends. You still can’t buy stuff using Pokemon money, but you can do the next best thing: brandish a VISA card featuring Pikachu and his friends via a new line of Visa credit cards from the Mitsui Sumitomo group.

The new line of cards coincides with the franchise’s 20th anniversary this year, and will also launch alongside a new magazine from Shogakukan called “Pokemon Life.” The cards will come in three unique designs and will have a regular and pre-paid version.

pokemon visa

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