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The Pokemon Company Teases Shocking New Project

The Pokemon Company has been enjoying a fair bit of time in the news page recently, thanks to a couple of leaked images from Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby and the succeeding official trailer that confirmed both leaks, but now they are going to be all up in our front page again, but for something that is entirely unrelated to the upcoming remakes.

According to a teaser page on the Pokemon Company official website, a “shocking new project from Pokemon” will be announced this coming August 26. The phrase inside the parenthesis are their words, not ours.

The announcement will be streamed on NicoNico nd will be hosted by fashion model Ayana Tsubaki. The event will also be attended by Pokemon Company president and CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara, voice actors Nobuhiro Okamoto, Aoi Yuki, and many more.

The term “shocking” isn’t exactly what people normally use for Pokemon-related projects (except to describe some of the attacks), so we’re genuinely intrigued at the teaser, and we are also hoping that their idea of “shocking” isn’t the same as ours, because we’d really hate to see an eroge Pokemon franchise.



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