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Pokemon Meloetta to Be Distributed in March


Pokemon fans who wish to add the form-changing Meloetta to their copy of Pokemon Black/White or Pokemon Black/White 2 should set aside time from their very busy schedules in order to make a trip to GameStop next month, as the Pokemon Company will be kicking off the exclusive distribution event in the US via the game retail chain starting on March 4. Canadian fans will have to wait a few days later, and make a trip to EB games with their DS/3DS starting on March 9.

The Pokemon Company has already clarified that the opportunity to download Meloetta will only be around for a short time, so you really need to make that trip if you want the form-changing Pokemon to be part of your collection. Meloetta’s key ability is to shift between her Aria form and her Pirouette form, which is Normal/Psychic and Normal/Fighting, respectively.

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