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Pokemon Platinum – early Japanese sales estimates

Pokemon Platinum

So…  it seems that Pokemon is pretty popular still in Japan.  I mean… amazingly popular.  So popular that the sales of the new Nintendo DS game have already approached 1,000,000 games!  The numbers aren’t official just yet, but the estimates say it could hit that number in just 3 days.  That’s incredible!  Is it possible Pokemon is more popular in Japan than it is in the U.S.?  Well, we wont know for sure for another couple of months, as the game is only available there for now.  But soon.  Soooooon…

ToonBarn Rob

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  1. devmonster devmonster

    I can’t wait for the US version. I hope it’ll reach the US before xmas.

  2. OMG! i heard this was coming out in America sometime in January! I can’t wait! =D

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