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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Launches with First Global Mission

The latest games in the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, has recently launched. The event was heralded by a launch trailer, which you can watch below. But the more exciting thing is the additional information about the first Global Mission. The Global Mission sounds straightforward – all the players of the games worldwide should reach a cumulative total of 10,000,000 Pokemon captured by November 28. When said goal is attained, all the participating players will be rewarded with 2,000 Festival Coins. But don’t feel pressured – if the goal is not met, players will still be handed a reduced 1,000 Festival Coins as a consolation prize. Players with a Global Link Account will be pampered, as they get double the rewards whatever the outcome.

A current schedule for Global Missions has also been posted, courtesy of Serebii.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Global Mission Schedule:

December 12-27: Have Fun Mantine Surfing
January 9-23: Win at the Battle Agency
February 6-20: Harvest Poke Beans
March 6-20: Trade Pokemon at the GTS
April 3-17: Hatch a lot of Eggs
May 1-15: Get BP at the Battle Tree
June 5-19: Play in Festival Plaza

To make things even better, it was also announced that Pokemon Ultra sun and Moon will get Poke Bank compatibility in “late November.”

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