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Pokken Tournament DX Coming to Switch

The recent tease about a Pokemon-centric Nintendo Direct Presentation ended up being a slight bit of disappointment for people who wanted a proper console iteration of the Pokemon RPG franchise, as the big reveal turned out to be mere refreshes of the last iterations via Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. However, part of the presentation also revealed very exciting news for those of us who are fighting game AND Pokemon fans: Pokken Tournament DX will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch on September 22.

For the uninitiated, Pokken Tournament is a game that blends Tekken’s fighting mechanics with the characters of the Pokemon franchise, leading to a flash fighting game that is both action-packed and full of cute little Pokemon. Pokken Tournament DX will feature the addition of a playable Decidueye, along with Litten and Popplio on support, Group Match mode, Team Battle Mode, Battle Replays, and Daily Challenges.

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