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Realistic Pokemon Center Rendered via the Unreal Engine

Realistic Pokemon Center Rendered via the Unreal Engine

We’ve already seen several 3D renditions of the Pokemon Center, usually through the game’s various outings on the consoles, but most of them were either cel-shaded or stylized 3D instead of going for a photorealistic feel. Now, we get to see what a Pokemon Center would look like in photorealistic 3D courtesy of Environment Artist Evan Liaw.

Liaw used the Unreal Engine to render the whole interior of a Pokemon Center in great detail, you can check out the stunning results below:

Personally, I prefer Pokemon Centers that have a color scheme similar to a hospital, which is a lot of white and grey instead of Liaw’s predominant orange. The quality of Liaw’s renderings shouldn’t be a surprise, considering that the dude recently worked on the Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad’s Rising Storm mod. If you want to check out more of his works, you can go directly to his portfolio page:

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