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Special Edition of Nintendo 3DS LL Features Pikachu

Special Edition of Nintendo 3DS LL Features Pikachu

People who accuse Mario of hogging all the merchandising opportunities in Nintendo probably haven’t heard of Pikachu yet. Every single console that Nintendo has launched since the Nintendo 64 has had at least one Pikachu version, and it seems that it’s time for the 3DS to get one.

Special Edition of Nintendo 3DS LL Features Pikachu

The Nintendo 3DS LL Pikachu Yellow will be released on September 15th, but this is probably one that you’d have to camp out for, as it will only be available in limited numbers. The estimated price for the limited edition Nintendo 3DS LL will be 18,900 yen (around $240 USD as of Aug 19, 2012), and will only be made available in seven locations throughout Japan. And probably on eBay someday, after an extremely high markup in price.

The special edition 3DS LL can also be pre-purchased from August 25 all the way through September 14th, but it is expected that the pre-purchases will close earlier as an unspecified number of pre-purchases is reached.

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