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Popeye’s 90th Anniversary Celebrated with Popeye’s Island Adventures

The Popeye the Sailor franchise will celebrate its 90th anniversary next year, so King Features Syndicate will celebrate the occasion… with a new batch of animated shorts. Titled “Popeye’s Island Adventures,” this new short form series will introduce the classic character to a new generation of fans. Popeye’s Island Adventures is already available to stream on the official Popeye ...


WildBrain and King Features collaborate on new Popeye content

It’s hard to believe, but Popeye the Sailor has been out of the public eye for nearly 15 years. The character’s last notable outing was in 2004’s Mainframe Entertainment produced CG TV-special Popeye’s Voyage: The Quest for Pappy. King Features is looking to rectify that and has partnered up with DHX’s WildBrain to produce new animated web content true to the ...


Popeye (the Sony CGI movie) is alive and well (Despite Fears to the Contrary)

First off – Moviefone stated this in a interview with Genndy Tartakovsky: What’s going on with “Popeye”? I saw the amazing proof-of-concept stuff you put online last year. Is that going to be your next project? Or are we going to be talking about “Hotel Transylvania 3” in two years? [Laughs] We definitely won’t be talking about “Hotel 3,” ...


New Bank of America CM Features Popeye Characters

UK’s Passion Pictures has just released a new commercial titled ‘Gladly Tuesday,’ a new commercial created by Boston advertising agency Hill Holliday for Bank of America, directed by againstallodds via Passion. The 30 second spot features the voice of Will Arnett and a style remniscent of the 1930s-era Popeye cartoons. It stars classic Popeye characters Bluto, olive Oyl, Wimpy, and Popeye ...

Sony Announces Release Date for Popeye 2

Sony Announces Release Date for Popeye 2

Sony Animation has just announced the release date for one of their eagerly anticipated projects, the CG animated movie based on the Popeye franchise. According to their announcement, the spinach-chomping strong-armed sailor will be making his way to the big screens on September 26 2014. ...

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