Powerpuff Girls

PowerPuff Girls 2016, A Comedy of Errors and Hubris.

So we have an issue at hand.

The PowerPuff Girls remake (2016) is getting panned. Bad. So bad people are talking about animation mistakes, issues with perspective, and all the rest of it. Its bad jokes, its overuse of 4Chan and Tumblr memes. The new characterizations, the loss of Ms Bellium (she’s….”Dead” in this remake) – the childishness of the teacher (the removal of her chest) and Bubbles being a drugged out twerking fiend, and Blossom joining in on the “wet” filled haze.

I am not surprised.


Ii want to show you folks something. Now after you seen the powerpuff girls remake and all those things, just one question. Is this:


more dangerous than this:


Just to remind you, they were in a drug fueled state of mind.

Remember the controversy the one off cover shown above had all across the internet and in turn, the nation.

Think deeply.

No Miss Bellium.

The teacher has no defining features to prove that she is a teacher and as a woman.

This was done on digital work in toonboom and flash animate and boy it shows the weaknesses in their work.

And for all that, you know whats worse? The fact that 75 to 85 percent of the animators are women, of various races, and not one is set to the highest of standards.

THE HIGHEST of STANDARDS, especially with this show, especially in this decade, especially with all the things going down in the culture.

This show, sadly – with a majority of women animators, directors, writers is a god forsaken mockery to everything that animators and backgrounders from Mary Blair to Lauren Faust and all those in between who ever worked in Animation regardless of all the issues they and many other women faced in the business. The makers of this remake spit on the faces of these great women who paved the way for their lackluster talent to take a dump on one the of stalwarts of Cartoon Network and dare I say it, one of the better animated series in recent memory.

There is such a high standard for animation. And one of the reasons why a majority of fans have left for much greener pastures and the cynical world view of Hollywood trying to follow in kind (Ghost in the Shell etc), is that our art world just isn’t that good right now. Its under the purview of content men and what new metric these folks come up with.

The PPG Production Team even admitted that this was  a cash grab. Cynical, just like the Les Moonves world view that these wannabe executives in that team represent. Animation fans have dealt with this before. We know that money is needed for the show to air.

But this has happened before. But not in the same level as this. (Ren and Stimpy had a issue with the show when some of the episodes went to Taiwan, and later after Bob Camp created Nickelodeon Studios and took the rights of the show out of John K’s hands.)

The Production Team missed the whole point. They could have done a re-imagining, like The PPG Anime did back in 2011/2012.  They could have stuck with the CGI in the special. No. They went flat, and the skills they need to pull it off, the show – and its notes, were all archived at the same CN studios in California and Georgia.  They would have taken said notes and realized what they needed to keep and what they could have improved on.

Not one, outside how the majority of the characters from the original series looked, was kept, and even with the actual looks it its so off, it borders on amateur hour.

Heck, Curious George – not the best looking show in the world, some how bangs out the basics, episode in and episode out! NO damn excuses.

But wait one sec, you know anime have these problems and you know, this that and the other.

We could make a whole issue about their problems. But you know what makes the genre issues less grating? The animators, the directors and the artists KNOW, there can be problems in the show. They admit it, and say they will do better.

Nobody in CN studios now, is willing to admit there is a problem. What these folks are drawing is Motion Capture without a human capture. More like Motion Direction (which is what the mobile based programing language Swift does) than animation, not even cartooning.

What we see now, what we now accept is as I stated some time back, propaganda. Not a show, not even a thought of a show – not even a semblance of a thought of moving through a page with a pen or digital file, just pure lack of class, skill, and humility.

Because when you see the two folks who made the show, basically gloating at the audience, taunting them – saying we made it and you haven’t, they are spitting at the face of all those that have came before them and those after and the fans of the franchise.

Because animators don’t use their picture in a manner that isn’t some sort of 4th wall coolness or joke, or how interesting this is. No, these folks said via those pictures and by the VA’s of these characters, I’m here, you don’t like it, buzz off, this is our time, our turf.

It becomes apparent to me it doesn’t necessarily “matter” who runs CN. because sadly, its all about playing favorites over their talent and even some of their executives in CN/AS. And this is why it cant continue. I thought that CN was going to be much more fair with the new leadership, but fairness just isn’t enough. You have to have talent, and prove yourself to the standard people made years, decades before you got here. This is the ultimate sad truth of our genre. Eric Goldberg is one of the great underrated animators of his time, but yet he never had a show to his name. Mike Sporn didn’t and hes passed away. John K is one of the lucky ones, and he cant get no time of day. Bill Plympton, the dude who pretty much helped Microsoft become kings of this world in Tech years ago, NOT ONE CALL. Lauren Faust is one of the lucky ones, and she admitted that she had problems and had to use her Husbands connections to even stay in the industry.

But yet the weakest of the game some how make it in, time and time again; and you don’t got the looks (to MacFarlenes credit he has some form of a multi-disciplinary effort and knows how to speak CEO Speak) or the connections (social, religious and now incrementally; political) you don’t stand a chance. You don’t even get in to the door. Lets take recent examples. The issue with Steven Universe getting away with kissing, then well, the gif that you just saw up there – but when it comes to one of the Lupin side stories (lets be fair, its not as good as the other Lupin series) the people who have kept the network anywhere in peoples mouths, cant even get that show on their air because you know…too many mammereies! So real women, are no longer seen, but all sorts of silliness with children are? And here is the ironies of ironies, the same fan base’s and “mainstream” critics who complain about the genre (anime) all the time, about its “creepy” ness, have no clue that half the pictures they think is apart of those series are fan art, that 95% of the shows in the genre of these shows even have the content they say they do, and in the end of the argument, are completely and totally silent about what happened on that GIF and can give no good explanation for it. NONE.

Its become apparent, to even those that support women in the workplace and what not – and even to the point of overlooking the obvious weaknesses as they start up – because regardless of sex or race, it does take time to acclimate to the working world (which any good boss would understand), that this series is a unmitigated disaster. From the time it airs, the schedule (which is everyday in certain cases but god knows what happens after this period is over), the animation, the stories and so on.

I think that the era of Craig and Genny and the rest of these talents are gone, somewhat – and to be fair, they needed to do bigger and better things if CN wasn’t going to give them the keys to the kingdom. They got treated worse years ago then what the Steven Universe people and the PPG ’16 production team are now, but people still remember what they what able to do. Genny is working with [AS] for a continuation of Samurai Jack. Outside of that, the industry is lost and trust nothing that isn’t comedic or connected to a property – and the PPG ’16 production team admit as such. This is a money grab.

And now we see the result. The only thing PPG 16 stands on copying of its memes and social – political stances, and while one can have such stances, when these stances are promoted via a conflict of interest between the executives and the toy folks and production team. Its not to make the show better, but to promote to advertisers that same “tumblr” audience/old mainstream fans of the franchise that will buy the product. Well, it isnt working mostly. The show is universally panned.

However, the ratings tell the story, and it shows we accept this. Its a shame. Its sad. And its an indictment not only to our animation fan-base, but our nations culture, that politics, not talent, and not even modesty in how we talk to people on the internet and in real life, matters more.

We now have to deal with why has the indefensible how become acceptable, as our glass mansion falls under the weight of its own hubris while we throw rocks at another glass house over ingrained lies.

This team are A new Girl Team For A New era.

Instead of Kicking Butt?

Their shaking it, drugged out, without any shame.

“OMG, Yess,”


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