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Aardman Produces a Regular Show Online Game


UK’s Aardman Studios has recently partnered with Turner in order to develop a brand new online game based on Cartoon Network’s Emmy Award-winning series Regular Show, titled “Cupcakes of Doom.”

Regular Show: Cupcakes of Doom is essentially a racing game set in the park where Mordecai and Rigby works, with the two being forced to content with the evil Klorgbane, who used the titular evil cupcakes in order to corrupt the Guardians of Eternal Youth. It is then up to Mordercai and Rigby to retrieve the antidote to the cupcake, called the Milk of Redemption, before the whole world turns evil.

The game puts players in the shoes of Mordecai and Rigby as they ride on coworker Skips, traversing challenging tracks full of obstacles and enemies while collecting coins and various power-ups. The game will come with five levels, with each one having a face off with Klorgbane before the final battle that takes place in the Realm of the Guardians.

The game can be played over at Cartoon Network’s official website:

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