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Jazwares Gets Master Toy License For Regular Show

Jazwares Gets Master Toy License For Regular Show
Mordecai and Rigby may be on their way to your nearest toyshop (or if you’re lucky – your own toy rack), as Cartoon Network Enterprises has recently awarded Jazwares with the master toy license for the hit animated series Regular Show.

With the master toy license, Jazwares is now free to launch their Regular Show line of pull-string plush toys with sound, as well as figures with comedic and interactive functions, capped off by a series of merchs meant for novelty, such as sunglasses and pullback vehicles.

The entire line of Regular Show merchandises will be made available from fall 2012, and is expected to retail within the $6.99 to $29.99 price range. Regular Show debuted in Cartoon Network last September, 2012, and is currently running through its fourth season. The show follows the hilarious exploits of a six foot tall Blue Jay named Mordecai and a hyperactive raccoon named Rigby.

The Regular Show deal marks Cartoon Network Entertainment’s second license with Jazwares, which was also appointed as master toy licensee for another of Cartoon Network’s hit comedy cartoon, Adventure Time.

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