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Regular Show Gets Its Own Game

Regular Show Gets Its Own Game

D3Publisher has recently announced that they are working on a new videogame based on the popular Cartoon Network animated comedy series, Regular Show. This marks Mordecai and Rigby’s first foray into the world of videogames, as J.G. Quintel’s zany cast of characters have never been translated into videogame format before (though they’ve tackled videogames in some of the episodes before.)

The title of the forthcoming Regular Show videogame is “Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-bit Land,” and will be made for the Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming device. The game follows the titular blue jay and raccoon duo as they are magically transported into some of their favorite video games, where they must use their various skills and abilities (including some new ones from the game world) in order to get back to the real world.

The game is being developed by WayForward in close collaboration with J.G. Quintel, ensuring that gamers will get a gaming experience that truly captures the look, feel, and wacky humor of the show.

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  1. Pops Pops

    Hopefully I’m in the game. If I am then GOOD SHOW, JOLLY GOOD SHOW, JOLLY GOOD SHOW INDEED!!

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