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Scooby-Doo Appears In State Farm Commercial

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With all the driving the gang does, you have to wonder about their car insurance – or their seemingly endless supply of free time and money. Well, wonder no longer. It turns out that Scooby and his fellow crime enthusiasts use State Farm, and a recent commercial attests to this tidbit of information.

According to AdWeek:

The spot was created with Warner Brothers and uses the official character graphics, voices and music tracks from the cartoon. The animated agent is based on a real person, too—State Farm agent Lucy Rodas, who “helps her customers get to a groovier state in Norwalk, Calif.,” according to the company.

In an opening scene familiar to anyone who watches the show, the gang is driving down the road in the dark and comes across the Creeper. The Creeper frightens Fred to the point that he chooses to veer off the road – thus bringing about a dilemma. The gang is at a loss on what to do, but Velma decides that the best course of action is to summon State Farm. A State Farm agent named Lucy steps in to save the day and point out the fact that the green-skinned creature in the suit is hardly a threat. Cue the “meddling kids” line and you have an ad ready to air to the masses.

Not every Scooby-Doo project gets my stamp of approval, but if you consider yourself a fan of the cowardly dog and his cohorts, this is a cute video to check out.

Megan Scussel

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