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Shrek Character Designer to Direct Monster Hunt

Shrek’s character designer Raman Hui, who also co-directed the third installment in the popular DreamWorks franchise, will be making his live-action feature directing debut with a new Chinese 3D Fantasy film, Monster Hunt. The film is said to be budgeted at $30 million and is backed by Hong Kong’s Edko Films.

Monster Hunt is set in a fictional world where humans and monsters have been waging wars against each other for generations, focusing on the last royal bloodline of the monster king, Woba, and his quest to bring peace to the two warring races.

“We give this classic tale a new spin by reducing the horror element and reinventing it with family-friendly fantastical characters and settings in an epic style,” Hui reportedly said at a press event in Beijing.

The film is scheduled for release across Asia in February 2015, after said year’s Chinese New Year.



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