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The Simpsons Parodies Breaking Bad

The Simpsons Parodies Breaking Bad

Last Sunday night’s episode of the Simpsons continues the show’s tradition of either paying tribute to or parodying other popular shows and movies through their couch opening sequence, with the newest one rooted in AMC’s hit breakthrough series Breaking Bad.

In the Breaking Bad couch sequence, Marge is seen baking blue cupcakes only to end up with live action stars Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston watching the toon from the couch on their living room.

The episode is titled “What Animated Women Want,” and follows Homer as he tries to save his marriage after Marge finally gets fed up with his bad behavior. Meanwhile, Milhouse tries to attract Lisa by putting on a bad boy persona similar to Marlon Brando’s in A Streetcar Named Desire. You can watch the couch scene below:

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