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The Simpsons Tries to One-Up Ellen’s Selfie

Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres recently managed to bring Twitter’s servers to its knees, via a selfie tweet from the event, in which she had several Hollywood A-listers crammed into a single selfie. It seems like Homer isn’t taking it lying down, as a Simpsonified version of the Selfie has been tweeted by Homer Simpson himself, featuring Homer and Bart being edged out of the pic by the A-listers.

The tweet states:

“The ugly true story of that Oscar® selfie can finally be told! Let’s break Twitter again. Look for Bart.“

However, it seems like Homer isn’t up to par when compared to Ellen’s pull over the social network, as the Simpsonized version is lagging far behind the original, with a mere 27,000 retweets as of this writing.


Neil Raymundo

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  1. BobRooney BobRooney

    i wish the simpsons were as good now as they were in the 90’s. now its just one cliche episode after another. not even one Doh or ooooooh, nothing! i am always hoping for a good laugh but have been disappointed time and time again.

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