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Sonic returns at E3 2010 with Sonic Colors

Sonic returns at E3 2010 with Sonic Colors

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo has been a hot one thus far, especially if you’re a long time cartoon fan like us! One of the games we were looking forward to seeing was the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 4, which has been remarkably silent for a game supposedly coming out soon. But SEGA didn’t leave us hanging! The iconic gaming company delivered on an all new level with Sonic Colors. Dr. Eggman has created an interstellar amusement park and enslaved the sentient Wisp creatures that reside on the planets. Sonic sets out to rescue the wisps and once again foil Dr. Eggman – and all in a universe with a color-based power up system. Old school Sonic-ing! Take a look at the teaser trailer


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