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More info on Obsidian’s South Park RPG

More info on the South Park RPG

When news first started surfacing concerning the South Park RPG being worked on by Obsidian, people initially started with disbelief, especially with regards to the claim about the game being a serious effort instead of a franchise milking one – but it soon died down when the creators Parker and Stone chimed in and lent their credibility in support of the upcoming game.

Now, the disbelief has turned into full blown curiosity as people started on the guesswork as to how the game will eventually turn out, with majority of participants unable to picture how a show like South Park will work as a quality role playing game. Obsidian has decided to help as it revealed more specifics about the game.

Obsidian has let it slip that the engine that will be used is based on Dungeon Siege III, and like any traditional western RPG, the game will feature a silent protagonist that can be customized based on the ubiquitous class templates Adventurer, Rogue, Paladin, or Wizard. An added bonus is an extra class that is “made up by Cartman”. The Battles will be turn based with advantages coming from timed button presses, similar to the one used by the Mario RPGs.

The working story for the game has the player’s character as a new kid in town, who will join a live action role playing session that eventually turns into a grand adventure. The game will also feature weapon upgrading similar to Final Fantasy’s Materia system, as well as creature summons.

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