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Trey Parker and Matt Stone to Launch their Own Studio

Trey Parker and Matt Stone to Launch their Own Studio

According to a New York Times report, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have just launched their own production studio, Important Studios, in order to pursue other film, TV, and Theater projects. The upcoming slate for their new studio includes a possible movie adaptation of The Book of Mormon.

Important Studios currently has an estimated value of $300 million based on revenue from Parker and Stone’s hit Comedy Central series South Park, which is currently in its 16th season, and the hit broadway version of The Book of Mormon.

“Having worked with several different studios over the years, we came to realize that our favorite people in the world are ourselves,” the Times quoted Parker and Stone.

The duo also received a $60 million investment from boutique investment bank Raine Group for a stake of approximately 20 percent. Stone told the Times that he hopes to emulate Spielberg’s DreamWorks or Lucas’ Lucasfilm for Important Studios.

“In some ways it’s a stupid comparison. because they are gargantuan,” he told the paper. “We want to be a smaller, more humble version of that. If DreamWorks is Walmart, we are over here knitting sweaters.”

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