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SpongeBob Moves In App Lets You Build Your Own Bikini Bottom


Nickelodeon has recently released a Spongebob Squarepants App titled “Spongebob Moves In,” which will allow owners of iOS-based devices to build their own Bikini Bottom and interact with the series in a whole new way.

Gamers who cut their teeth on various city-building games will feel right at home with Spongebob Moves In, as it lets them build and manage their own Bikini Bottom, which they can modify to their taste while keeping the city’s various undersea residents happy. As players advance in the game, they will be able to unlock brand new exclusive-to-the-app stories about how their characters including SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, Squidward and Sandy, first arrived in the town. The stories will be canon since they were written by the SpongeBob SquarePants series writing staff and will be told through animated short videos.



“Millions of fans around the world experience the fun and magic of SpongeBob on television every day, and now they can live out their very own Bikini Bottom adventures with SpongeBob Moves In whenever and wherever they want,” said Steve Youngwood, EVP and General Manager, Digital, Nickelodeon Group.

The app is available now through the iOS App Store and Google Play.

CORRECTION: a helpful user pointed out at the comments section that SpongeBob Moves In is NOT available through Google Play. We apologize for the outdated and/or incorrect information. As always, you can visit the official site,, for up to date news on the app. – ED

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  1. inderia inderia

    I have a Samsung tab and I am not seeing this game on the play store. Please let me know how I could get it.I want it very much have to have it since its my favorite show.


    This is NOT available on Google Play as of 6/28/2013.

  3. leah leah

    That’s not fair its only on iPhone s I have an android smart phone and I want to play the game. I love spongebob and my daughter do to.

  4. Shana Shana

    Then you need to stop advertising it for Android on tv. I want the game also and I have an Android. I am not forking out $$$ for an Iphone just to have this game. Make it for Android it’s only fair

  5. em em

    this looks fun but its not on tablets!

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