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Adventure Time with Finn & Jake on it’s way

Adventure Time with Finn & Jake on it's way

It’s time to get algebraic! …or… something! That is, Cartoon Network is about to debut another original animated series called Adventure Time with Finn & Jake. Having just launched Hero: 108, then to have Generator Rex and Sym-Bionic Titan close behind, the CN is really giving us toon fans a glorious treat! The series kicks off on Monday, April 5th, at 8pm, courtesy of Pendleton Ward and Frederator Studios. Be on the lookout for an ecclectic collection of special guest voices all season long, including Henry Rollins, Erik Estrada, George Takei (of Heroes fame), Lou Ferrigno (of Hulk fame), and Mark Hamill (of Star Wars and Batman: The Animated Series fame). You can check out a few clips on, or spot a few right here

The debut of Adventure Time with Finn & Jake

Full Adventure Time Trailer

Jake Time!

Finn Time!

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