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Clone Wars Director Gives Sneak Peek at New Season Via the Daily

Clone Wars Director Gives Sneak Peek at New Season Via the Daily

If your last foray into the rich, expansive universe that George Lucas has created in Star Wars was through the prequels, you’re missing out on a lot and you owe it to yourself to check out Cartoon Network’s hit CG animated show, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the Clone Wars is exclusively a kiddie show just because of its timeslot (Saturday, 9:30am ET) and its highly stylized art style, because the Clone Wars manages to tackle dark and mature subject matter and show action sequences that easily rival the films’.

Additionally, the series is not a throwaway spin-off as it manages to fill in the gaps in the films, fleshing out backstories of minor characters and following the adventures of the major characters outside of the films. The last few seasons even brought back the sith lord Darth Maul, who was last seen in episode one as he was vivisected by Obi Wan. Now he, and his brother Savage Opress, are back and ready to take their revenge on the Jedi.

In support of the Season 5 Premiere on September 29, Director Dave Filoni provided the good folks at The Daily an exclusive first look at what to expect when the fifth season of the series makes its world premiere this Saturday:

Source: The Daily

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