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Kickass Star Wars Short Film

Kickass Star Wars Short Film

As further proof that Star Wars fans know better what to do with the franchise than its creator, Youtube user Otaking77077 has recently uploaded a short fan film depicting the epic space battle between the imperials and the rebels. The animation style used seems reminiscent of old 80s animated space operas and Peter Chung’s works.

While the song used (Born to Lose by Sleigh Bells) fits the short pretty well, it’s just added by the re-uploader(SuperMulciber) as the original video by Otaking77077 is silent. The lack of audio is probably because the short film itself is a work in progress, as evidenced by the fact that the original video was taken down.

Now, we hope someone from Lucasfilms sees the short and – through some sort of miracle – decides that Otaking77077 should be hired to do a full length feature. Heck, hiring Otaking77077 to do an animated version of the films would be better than re-releasing everything in 3D.

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