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Star Wars: The Clone Wars (The CGI Version) to air on Toonami

In what some might call a shocking development, in a recent Q & A with the Toonami Fanbase (which the creators of Toonami do once a month), The Adult Swim Block stated that it will air the series starting in August 24th, but have provided no details of any sort of deal regarding how they and Disney came up with the plan or if they will air the last 15 or so episodes. This comes at a time ...


Star Wars Rebels Art and Logo Revealed by Disney

Disney has revealed new art and logo designs for the upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels at the recent Star Wars Celebration Europe event, which was held in Germany last Saturday. The Star Wars Rebels TV series is slated for a 2014 debut on both the Disney Channel and Disney XD, and will take place in the 20-year time frame gap between Star Wars: Episode III and Episode IV. LucasFilm’s ...


Rumor: Disney World Building a Star Wars Theme Park?

There’s an exciting piece of rumor floating around on the Internet these days, that of the house of mouse doing some redecoration on their Florida Disney World, which will include a galactic-sized face lift in order to introduce a new Star Wars theme park. Accodring to TheForce.Net, Disney’s plans include a restaurant modeled after the Mos Eisley Cantina, as well as an updated Star ...

Yoda uses The Force, with the help of the crowd in Times Square, NYC, to pull a 1:1 Scale LEGO X-Wing Fighter out of its box during a special event to promote LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles on Cartoon Network.

Yoda Chronicles: Michael Price Interviewed as LEGO Reveals X-Wing Fighter in Times Square

ToonBarn was on hand at Times Square in New York City on Thursday, May 23, 2013, as The LEGO Group unveiled the world’s largest LEGO Model, a 1:1 scale replica of the LEGO Star Wars X-Wing starfighter. This 3-day event celebrates the upcoming premiere of The Yoda Chronicles on Cartoon Network on Wednesday, May 29 at 8 PM ET. Michael Price, Writer & Executive Producer of LEGO Star ...

Star Wars Rebels, the new Star Wars Animated Series, is Coming to Disney XD - Fall 2014

STAR WARS REBELS, New Animated Series, Coming Fall 2014 to Disney XD

The answer to the question that fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars have been asking since it closed a few months ago has been answered. For some, the answer is coming sooner than they thought. The question was: Will there be any more Star Wars Animated Series before or after Episode VII comes out in 2015? Well, production has begun on Star Wars Rebels, an all-new animated television series, based ...

Michael Price, Writer and Executive Producer of LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles

Exclusive Interview with Michael Price: Writer/Exec. Prod. of LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles

Michael Price, the long-tenured staff writer for The Simpsons, has somehow found himself at the top of the Animated Star Wars food chain. Since the recent closing of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Animated Series (after 5 successful seasons), and the postponement of Star Wars: Detours (from the makers of Robot Chicken), it appears that LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles is the only new Star Wars ...

Top 5 Jedi/Sith from Star Wars

Top 5 Jedi/Sith from Star Wars

We haven’t had a list-type post for quite some time now, so I felt like doing one. I was originally going to title this as Top 5 Characters, but then my personal bias reared its ugly head and I ended up with nothing but force users on the list, so instead of trying to squeeze in non-force sensitives just to make the list well-rounded, I just went with a jedi/sith-oriented list (that I ...


Cartoon Network Debuts LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles on Wed, May 29 at 8 PM ET

LEGO Star Wars returns to Cartoon Network at the end of this month with the upcoming The Yoda Chronicles, a brand new Star Wars story that will be told in three animated specials. LEGO Star Wars: The Phantom Clone, the first of The Yoda Chronicles Trilogy, will premiere on Wednesday, May 29 at 8PM (ET) on Cartoon Network. The second and third installments are scheduled to air later this ...

EA and Disney to Develop and Launch New Star Wars Games

EA and Disney to Develop and Launch New Star Wars Games

Disney and Electonic Arts have recently announced that they have entered into a new multi-year exclusiv agreement to develop and publish new games based on the Star Wars franchise. According to the deal, EA will be developing and publishing star Wars games targeted towards a core gaming audience, while Disney will have rights to develop new titles on mobile, social, tablet, and online ...


Darth Vader Invades Osaka

A few days ago, a video of Darth Vader invading Japan during Winter time (probably mistaking it for Hoth) has surfaced, with the video serving as a means of promotion for Tokyo Disneyland’s Star Tours attraction. A new video has been released, this time around the Sith Lord’s hunt for rebel spies has lead him through various Japanese tourist spots, particularly the famous Osaka ...


Latest Disney Promo Has Darth Vader Attacking Sapporo

Star Wars fans who are paranoid about Disney “cutesy-fying” their beloved sci-fi franchise may want to start dialing their paranoia a little bit higher, as the house of mouse has just released a new promo video for the May opening of an upgraded Tokyo Disneyland Star Tours attraction, which portrays the Sith Lord in a less fearsome manner. ... now has 19 pages of news and games!« First Page56789Last Page »

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