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New Star Wars: The Clone Wars Clip – Missing in Action

New Star Wars: The Clone Wars Clip – Missing in Action

This coming Saturday, January 5th at 9:30 am ET/PT on the Cartoon Network, the iconic action adventure series Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be celebrating its 100th episode with a new installment that focuses on an elite Republic clone commando who’s been “Missing in Action.”

The “Missing in Action” episode continues The Clone Wars’ aim of shedding some light on the valiant and tireless clone troopers who are tasked to defend the Republic from darkness, who all exhibit vivid and unique personalities that challenge assumptions about the nature of clones and create a new roster of individual, non-jedi heroes in the franchise. The 100th episode features the intriguing addition of Gregor, who is a Republic clone commando suffering from amnesia and unable to remember his identity, to said roster. The circumstances behind Gregor’s amnesia is still unknown at this point, and will probably be the subject of future episodes.

You can watch the preview clip for “Missing in Action”, courtesy of Lucasfilm, below:

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