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New Star Wars: The Clone Wars Clip


A couple of new clips for Star Wars: The Clone Wars has been released as a way of teasing this week’s episode, titled “The Jedi Who Knew Too Much. The episode finds Ahsoka at odds with Admiral Tarkin as the Republic military starts to take over the Temple bombing case. The episode will air on Saturday, Feburary 16th at 9:30 am ET/PT on the Cartoon Network.

The first clip has Letta Turmond requesting for a chance to talk to Ahsoka Tano. There’s nothing much, as the clip cuts out just when they start talking, but we do get a glimpse at the Republican military’s security measures, including confiscating the Jedi’s lightsabers before allowing her in.

The second clip has Ahsoka arguing with Tarkin and Anakin over jurisdiction, with Tarkin’s point being that Letta Turmond is a civilian, and therefore the concern of the Republic Army, as Jedis only have jurisdiction over other Jedis. Anakin’s comment about Revenge not being the Jedi Way is kind of ironic considering his future.

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