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Top 5 Jedi/Sith from Star Wars

Top 5 Jedi/Sith from Star Wars

We haven’t had a list-type post for quite some time now, so I felt like doing one. I was originally going to title this as Top 5 Characters, but then my personal bias reared its ugly head and I ended up with nothing but force users on the list, so instead of trying to squeeze in non-force sensitives just to make the list well-rounded, I just went with a jedi/sith-oriented list (that I liked. I should have added that one.)

5. Darth Maul – Maul was originally a putz that got punked by a young, inexperienced Obi-Wan, but Star Wars The Clone Wars finally developed the character and showed him as a truly fearsome representative of the dark side of the force. He still got punked by the season finale, but it was by the Emperor himself, so it’s hardly his fault.

4. Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader – don’t mind the poor portrayal in the prequels (even though we have the prequel to thank for his looks). There may be other Jedi and Sith Lords who are more powerful and more skilled, but very few are as important as Anakin. He’s been a key player in both the highest, the lowest, and the fall of the jedi order.

3. The Emperor – well, he’s the emperor. Without his evil guiding hand, there would be no movies, and there would be no Star Wars. He was responsible for a lot of misery in the Star Wars universe, and was the man who orchestrated of the fall of the old republic (and its jedi order)

2. Mace Windu – he’s the only jedi (in official canon, at least) that has a purple lightsaber, making him unique as far as visuals go. He’s also one of the deadliest lightsaber specialists in the universe, and is said to be only second to Yoda. An impressive feat considering that he’s a human, and does not have the benefit of enhanced alien physiology. Just him, the force, and his purple lightsaber. (Trivia: pre-movie depictions of Windu’s lightsaber, in comics and the videogames, were blue. Samuel L. Jackson admitted that it was him who requested the purple blade because he felt like it would look cool. Whether this is true or not has not been confirmed by anyone from Lucasfilms, so we’re going to just take it at face value)

1. Yoda – it’s not even a surprise. He’s the best lightsaber specialist in the universe during his prime, was a very powerful force user, and had a hand in training many of the most important jedi masters and sith lords that came after him. He’s also going to have his own show soon, albeit in LEGO form.

What about you, who are your top 5 Jedi/Sith from Star Wars?

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