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Trouble Brewing Over at Star Wars Ep. 7

Trouble Brewing Over at Star Wars Ep. 7

It seems like all is not well in the House of Mouse, particularly with regard to one of their biggest acquisitions to date. As reported by, progress on Star Wars Ep. 7 is going a little bit slower than expected (with the script still uncompleted and no major casting announcements to date) despite Disney trumpeting the movie as its marquee release in May 2015.

According to THR’s report, producer Kathleen Kennedy and the rest of the creative team have asked the Disney execs to push Episode VII’s release back to 2016 in order to give them enough time to deliver the best possible iteration of the film.

However, Disney CEO Bob Iger is said to be firm in his decision to go through with the plan and have the film be ready by 2015. Abrams himself is said to be on the same page as Iger with regard to meeting the schedule.

We’re not exactly sure what to make of this, we were expecting Abrams to be more understanding of the creative team (since he’s technically on the creative – as opposed to being on the corporate – side of the fence.) Let’s just hope everyone involved can work something out and deliver a really good film. If it’s true that Iger’s stance is a result of shareholder pressure, we hope that someone reminds said shareholders that there’s very little sense in rushing a flagship franchise to completion in an effort to chase profits, when the result could turn out to be a poor film that fans don’t want to support with their money.


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