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TMNT: Back To The Sewer

They’re green.  They’re brothers.  They’re… back! 4Kids will introduce the newest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, TMNT: Back To The Sewer this October, bringing the Turtles back to TV.  4Kids has inked a number of broadcast deals for Back To The Sewer, hoping to hype up the event with broadcasts around the world.  This also lines up perfectly with next year, ...


Dinosaur King to DVD

Dinosaur King will get its first DVD release in the US this September 23rd with Dinosaur King: The Adventure Begins in association with Shout Factory and 4Kids Entertainment.  Dinosaur King airs on 4KidsTV every Saturday morning.  The DVD collects the first 5 episodes of the series and a special edition trading ...


RollBots to 4Kids

RollBots will be making its way to the CW 4Kids this fall.  RollBots is a new CGI animated series from Amberwood Entertainment. The series explores the life of robots as they travel at high speeds through the roller-coaster-like tracks of Flip City.  The robots are perfectly round, but they can grow and shrink their arms and legs whenever they want…  would be pretty freaky if we could ...


Viva Pinata DS : new video

Viva Pinata is a bright and beautiful and fun world, both the cartoon and the Xbox 360 game – and soon to be Xbox 360 games.  Now, the world of Viva Pinata is coming to the Nintendo DS!  Check out the beautiful trailer, and reserve space in your gaming hearts for ...

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