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Absolution for the Sins of the Fandom: Toonami’s Epic Journey.

In the deep blackness of space, a ship called “Sin Eater” – rides alone, wanted by many – to cure the ailments. To regain and re-teach respect. To answer the call of a lost multitude. It was taken out of commission once, and from its place – steeds with the supposed gift of peace and friendship, only showed war and desecration. 

In this space, warlords protected by intergalactic committees who only goal of educating the youth is failing by the day, now use these pirates to trap the youth in a never-ending mire of lies and deceit.

And all the while, planets controlled by men of ill repute, questionable loyalties and task forces of multi-colored suits of armor run through the land promoting the return of the old days, when the old traditions are left behind, and the old ideals were a bunch of misrepresentations.

But in this ship, in the heart of the sin eater, lies a robot.  The robot has seen it all. The cheers, the tears. He also knows that he must create a new place – a new way for the makers, the creators to be free once more.

To absolve the peoples sins.

This is the movement long since denied…

The revolution has returned to be televised.

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