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Aardman Produces New Ad for Maynards Discovery Patch

Award-winning studio Aardman Animations has recently produced a new high-profile TV ad for the range of fun-shaped fruit flavor jelly sweets, Maynards Discovery Patch. The ad is scheduled to air this spring.

The advert focuses on a family of hedgehogs who are about to try their first taste of Maynards Discovery Patch, all the while exploring the questions on pack. The advert features the trade mark stop-motion animation style that Aardman has made famous in their high profile projects such as Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep.

Microsoft Releases New Anime-Inspired Ad for Internet Explorer

Microsoft Releases New Anime-Inspired Ad for Internet Explorer

Microsoft has just released a new promo video for Internet Explorer, this time coming in the form of an anime-inspired take on their infamous browser. Dubbed “Internet Explorer 11: The Anime,” the animated short focuses on a girl named Inori Aizawa – the cute, blue-themed personification of Internet Explorer – as she tries to run away from a bunch of robots who are trying to killer her (at least, that’s what we think they want to do. For all we know, their bombs are non-lethal and they just want to shower her with explosions because it’s the robot language equivalent for “I Love You.”)

Aardman Animates New Otex Ad


Aardman has recently partnered with creative communications Agency Bray Leino in order to produce the newest TV ad campaign for Otex Ear Drops. The new ad features a more engaging, yet abstract approach to delivering a message, as opposed to Otex’s past attempts to deliver a message via direct, clinical methods.

The new ad uses radio interference as an analogy for the problem of hearing impairment as caused by wax buildup, with the product being introduced as a solution towards the end.

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