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Blowhole Strikes Back on Nickelodeon's Penguins of Madagascar tonight

Blowhole Strikes Back on Nickelodeon’s Penguins of Madagascar tonight

Tonight, Friday September 9th, the hour-long special Penguins event we’ve all been waiting for is finally here, Penguins of Madagascar: Blowhole Strikes Back. After months of frustration, Blowhole is back — and he wants some Penguin payback! His evil knows no boundaries, and his villainous scummery knows no ends… if only his singing voice wasn’t so lovely! Be sure to ...

Madagascar's Alex the Lion joins the Penguins in Blowhole Strikes Back

Madagascar’s Alex the Lion joins the Penguins in Blowhole Strikes Back

It’s been over a year since the Penguins last did battle with the evil Dr. Blowhole, and now he’s looking for some Penguin Payback. On Friday, September 9th, Neil Patrick Harris returns as Dr. Blowhole to get just that in Nickelodeon’s one-hour special, Penguins Movie Event called The Penguins of Madagascar Blowhole Strikes Back. More evil than ever, the Penguins have their ...

DreamWorks adds Frances McDormand to Madagascar 3

DreamWorks adds Frances McDormand to Madagascar 3

In 2005, DreamWorks Animation brought Madagascar to the world. The sequel, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, hit a few years later in 2008. Sure, there’s been an awesome animated series, The Penguins of Madagascar, but if my math is correct, and it almost never is, we’re due for the third piece in the theatrical trilogy. Jeffrey Katzenberg, DreamWorks CEO, agrees, confirming that a ...

Marathon Media's Totally Spies goes totally Facebook

Marathon Media’s Totally Spies goes totally Facebook

Marathon Media has taken fans of Totally Spies on an all new adventure. The animation company recently synced up with Facebook (just like the billions of us!) to create a Real Player Game — not your typical “RPG”. The beta version of the game, developed by Ouat Entertainment, has been running on Facebook since September of 2010, and has already accumulated over 600,000 ...

First look at Totally Spies The Movie

First look at Cartoon Network’s presentation of Totally Spies The Movie

Marathon Media’s Totally Spies! franchise has done well for the company, garnering even more interest in the past few months when Marathon and Cartoon Network agreed to air Totally Spies in the US. Included in the deal was the Totally Spies movie, aptly named “Totally Spies: The Movie!” which originally aired in France last July. Marathon is also known for it’s series ...

Phineas and Ferb with Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor

Phineas and Ferb with Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor

At 8pm on Monday, March 8th, the Disney XD will showcase a new episode of Phineas and Ferb starring Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor. The real life husband and wife acting team will be providing the voice for a super villain and his wife, out to foil Phineas and Ferb’s quest for fun. Ben is no rookie to cartoon work; for years, he has provided the voice of Alex from Madagascar and its ...

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