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Adventure Time ratings soar on Cartoon Network

Adventure Time ratings soar on Cartoon Network

Three seasons in, and Adventure Time is still growing. The phenomena started by Jake and Finn was always well received, critically acclaimed, and adored by fans, but Cartoon Network is seeing ratings increase to staggering levels. In fact, you could say the numbers are going algebraic. The launch of Adventure Time season 3 this past Monday, July 11th, was up nearly 50% between watchers aged 6-11. If you’re 9-14, your group was almost double last year’s debut, up 92%. Those in the 13-18 demo, as well as the folks from 18 on up, also came out in strong force, more than doubling their levels. It’s as if the current time is always Adventure Time. So how do you fit in here? What age bracket are you part of? And have you been watching since season two? Since the beginning? Since the specials before the beginning? Or are you new to the crowd?

Chubby Ninja takes this game personally

Chubby Ninja takes this game personally

Ninja = cool. Chubby = insult. Chubby Ninja = a ridiculously fun game. It’s not exactly perfect math or anything (sorry, Adventure Time, nothing Algebraic here) but the results are good with us! The goal of this game is to jump and fight through the Cave of Trials to become a Ninja Master. As if you didn’t already have enough inspiration to become a Ninja Master, now the flash games are telling you to do so! Well, who are we to argue with destiny – let’s sit down and play this game now!

Adventure Time’s Finn the Foot stomps Cartoon Network tonight

Adventure Time's Finn the Foot stomps Cartoon Network tonight

Time to get Algebraic! Adventure Time fans are in for a treat tonight, as Cartoon Network continues to roll out new episodes through Summer Mondays. The toon, which continues to be an amazing success, puts Finn & Jake on a new path for destiny every single week. Tonight’s trip, “Finn the Foot”, is set to debut at 8pm – and if you think that means it will be about Finn turning into a giant foot, you’re right! …wait, what!?!? Hopefully, as many of you will be along for the ride as possible. I know I’ll be there, ready and waiting! You?

Adventure Time with Finn & Jake on it’s way

Adventure Time with Finn & Jake on it's way

It’s time to get algebraic! …or… something! That is, Cartoon Network is about to debut another original animated series called Adventure Time with Finn & Jake. Having just launched Hero: 108, then to have Generator Rex and Sym-Bionic Titan close behind, the CN is really giving us toon fans a glorious treat! The series kicks off on Monday, April 5th, at 8pm, courtesy of Pendleton Ward and Frederator Studios. Be on the lookout for an ecclectic collection of special guest voices all season long, including Henry Rollins, Erik Estrada, George Takei (of Heroes fame), Lou Ferrigno (of Hulk fame), and Mark Hamill (of Star Wars and Batman: The Animated Series fame). You can check out a few clips on, or spot a few right here

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