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Ben 10 Evolution

Ben 10 Evolution

Let’s just sum it up quickly: Ben 10 Week was awesome. All of the bonus specials, all of the episodes, the CG animated Destroy All Aliens, the sneak peek of Omniverse, etc. etc. Really, the only bad thing about the entire promotion was that… it ended! If only Cartoon Network could just let it live on forever! Or, ok, if we’re getting creative with our wishes here, how about ...

Ben 10: Alien Swarm

Ben 10: Alien Swarm

What better way to celebrate the premiere of the new Ben 10 movie, Destroy All Aliens, than to look back at one of the older Ben 10 feature length films, particularly the 2nd live action one: Ben 10: Alien Swarm. Ben 10: Alien Swarm is also a Man of Action production, and premiered back in November, 2009. The movie stars Ryan Kelley, Galadriel Stineman, and Nathan Keyes as Ben Tennyson, Gwen ...

Green Lantern Special on Cartoon Network at Nov 11

Green Lantern Special on Cartoon Network November 11th

A Green Lantern: The Animated Series hour-long special will premiere on the Cartoon Network this Friday, November 11 at 7 pm (please check local listings for air dates in your area). The special will serve as a precursor to the Green Lantern CG animated series that will officially launch as part of the Cartoon network’s DC Nation programming block next year. ...

Cartoon Network's Ben 10 gets feature film

Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 gets feature film

Looks like Ben 10 is heading to the big screen! According to the latest press release, Cartoon Network is teaming with Silver Pictures to develop a Ben 10 Feature Film to sweep across cinemas. In addition to all the Ben 10 animated series (Ben 10, Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien) Ben Tennyson has starred in a number of movies; the animated Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix, and the ...

A look inside Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

A look inside Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

As the April 23rd launch date to Cartoon Network’s upcoming animated series Ben 10: Ultimate Alien quickly approaches, we here at ToonBarn thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some of the upcoming features. The new series reveals the mysterious Ultimatrix, an enhanced and upgraded version of Ben’s traditional alien watch-like device, the Omnitrix. This allows Ben not ...

After Ben 10, after Alien Force, it's Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

After Ben 10, after Alien Force, it’s Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Cartoon Network has had some major success with the Ben 10 franchise. Beyond the original series Ben 10 and the follow up Ben 10: Alien Force, there have been Ben 10 DVDs, Ben 10 Bandages, Ben 10 LEGO toys, even a live action movie series like Ben 10: Alien Swarm. Now Ben Tennyson and pals face an entirely new challenge, in an entirely new cartoon, as Cartoon Network preps for the launch of ...


Cartoon Network and Kids Foot Locker

With all of their recent, monster success via the Ben 10: Alien Swarm movie, Cartoon Network has some friends to thank! You guys, of course, come in first place, for turning out in record number to support the Omnitrix. But Kids Foot Locker also gets a nice little shout out from the toon giant, as the show company ran a recent promotion supporting the live-action film, with free movie posters ...


Ben 10: Alien Swarm dominates the ratings

Well, if there was one thing I was sure to do over the recent Thanksgiving break, it was to watch Ben 10: Alien Swarm. Seems like you may have watched it, as well. Actually… looking at the numbers, it looks like you had over 16 million people at your house watching it, too!! OK, maybe they were home in their own houses, but still, that’s a lot of folks TOONing in! The explosive ...


Ben 10: Alien Swarm debuts tonight

The reports have been built up for months. The teasers have been airing for weeks. The hype has been unbelievable for the past few days. And now, tonight, the moment is finally here. Ben 10: Alien Swarm, the live action movie based on the amazingly popular Ben 10: Alien Force, takes over Cartoon Network at 7pm. Ben splits from the Plumber allies, an alien threat, an appearance by Elena, a ...


Destroy Build Destroy: Dude versus Ben 10

The other night, Cartoon Network featured a bit of a crossover event. During the series Destroy Build Destroy, the live action show featured the cast of the network’s upcoming live action / CG movie (based on a cartoon which is based on a cartoon) Ben 10: Alien Swarm. The stars met up with other network stars from Dude, What Would Happen in their challenges. With less than a week left ...


Cartoon Network’s Ben 10: Alien Swarm to launch globally

In the States, we’re just a few days away from the launch of Cartoon Network’s latest live action take on the Ben 10 saga, as Ben 10: Alien Swarm launches on November 25th at 7pm. But it’s not just the US who will get this movie: Cartoon Network territories around the world will also debut the adventure this month. The UK, Australia, Poland, Italy, Spain, South Africa, ...


Ben 10: Alien Swarm just 2 weeks away

The world premier of Ben 10: Alien Swarm is just a little more than 2 weeks away from setting our living rooms on fire with awesome! At 7pm on Wednesday, November 25th, the live action sequel to Race Against Time will debut on Cartoon Network. When Ben hears about an alien threat to Earth, he makes the tough and somewhat difficult decision to break ranks with his fellow Plumber allies to help ...

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