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New Calimero Apps to Be Released on iOS and Android Devices

As their first major project since their rebranding, Gaumont Animation (which was formerly named Alphanim) has just inked a new deal with game and app developer BulkyPix for their new CG-animated series Calimero (104 x 11). The Calimero app’s launch is set to coincide with the TV series’ debut, and will be offered as a Free to Play app for both iOS and Android Devices. There’s ...

Alphanim Manages Sales Ahead of MIPCOM

Alphanim Manages Sales Ahead of MIPCOM

While most production and animation outfits only manage to find distributors and broadcasters for their shows at the MIPCOM market, French production outfit Alphanim managed to do one better and scored sales ahead of the event, with several of its properties being sold across Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, and Brazil. ...

Alphanim scares Matt's Monsters around the globe

Alphanim scares Matt’s Monsters around the globe

In an effort to properly hunt monsters, Matt Average has created a type of super team, the Monster Agency. The members include Bruce, Matt’s ever-optimistic father; Ellen, Matt’s advertising genius of a mom; Dink, a pet monster only Matt can understand; and Manson, the girl next door who loves adventure. The Monster Agency keeps the city of Joliville safe from the rambunctious ...

Nelvana Enterprises reveals Franklin and Friends

Nelvana Enterprises reveals Franklin and Friends

Based on Brenda Clark and Paulette Bourgeois’ book series Franklin the Turtle, Franklin and Friends is Nelvana Enterprises’ latest gift to the animated world. The toon stars Franklin the Turtle, a young little reptile who can famously count by twos and tie his shoes. He lives life not unlike many of us; he goes to school, hangs out with his friends, and heads out on adventures ...


Matt’s Monsters

Alphanim’s series Matt’s Monsters will soon have exposure around the world, as it’s picked up by Cartoon Network Asia, RTP in Portugal, and Nogga Communications in Israel.  The series takes place in Joliville, a lovely place to live- if you don’t mind bumping into a Cheesosaurus or Fogus from time to time! When 9 year-old Matt average gets home from school, he not only ...


Magnetic Galactik Football

Jetix Europe is working together with Alphanim to help keep fans of Galactik Football happy!  Together, they are working with MICA Games to develop a magnetic Galactik Football game.  The game is based on the Galactik Football series, which is a mix of 2D and 3D CGI animation and will be available in stores across Europe in just a few weeks. ...

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