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Detective Pikachu Gets its Own HUGE Amiibo

We are still a few months away from the March 23 global release of Detective Pikachu on the Nintendo 3DS, so Nintendo still has their work cut out for them when it comes to enticing fans to grab a copy, especially physical ones for people who already have the original Japanese eShop release. And they found the perfect solution: why not release a new Amiibo to go along with it? Granted that there ...


Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Not Mandatory for Outfit Unlocks

These days videogame developers and publishers aim to get as much revenue out of players outside of what we already paid for in the game itself. This can range from microtransactions to the shortlived Toys-to-Life genre. Out of these T2L games, only one is still standing strong and that’s Nintendo’s Amiibos. …and fortunately for players, it seems like Nintendo is dialing down the desire ...

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