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Aardman and NatWest Bank Launch New App, Pigby’s Fair

Aardman Animations was recently commissioned by the UK’s NatWest Bank in order to design a new app called Pigby’s Fair, which aims to encourage children to save. The app is available now for both Android and iOS devices via Google Play and the App Store.

Pigby’s Fair is free to play, and will feature NatWest’s new animated savings characters, Pigby and friends, all of whom will help teach children all they need to know about saving money. The lessons will be imparted via a fun and exciting game that puts the kids in the shoes of a boy or girl pig character running a stall in an animated fairground. Pigby’s friends hold other stalls so players can check how much his friends have saved and what they’re saving for to inspire and spur them along.

The Nut Job App Released Ahead of Theatrical Run


We’re still a couple of weeks away from the big screen premiere of The Nut Job, but licensee Cupcake Digital is giving us a chance to experience certain aspects of the film in advance via the release of a new app for the iOS, Android, Nook, and Kindle platforms.

The Nut Job app will be featuring an interactive story based on the film, which will put users in the shoes of protagonist Surly the Squirrel as he goes on an adventure in a big city park. Along the way, he becomes an unlikely hero to the park when he plots a heist of Maury’s Nut Shop in an effort to help the park animals stock up for the winter.

Fox and TinyCo to Launch a New Family Guy Mobile Game


According to a recent report by The Hollywood Reporter, Fox has recently teamed up with TinyCo in order to produce a new Family Guy game for the mobile platform, this time allowing players to explore more of Quahog, while interacting with the Griffins under the premise of a brand new story written by the show’s writers themselves.

Tsumanga and Rainbow to Launch New Winx Club Mobile Game

Tsumanga and Rainbow to Launch New Winx Club Mobile Game

Just in time for Christmas, Tsumanga Studios and Italy’s Rainbow Studios will be releasing a brand new game for Apple and Android devices based on their hugely popular brand, Winx Club. Titled ‘Winx Fairy School,’ the game serves as a follow-up to Tsumanga Studio’s Winx Sirenix Power, which was released last May 2013 and has already garnered over 1.3 million downloads.

In Winx Fairy School, fans of the franchise will be able to create their own fairies-in-training and join the Winx at Alfea College for Fairies, where they will decorate their dorm rooms, choose from hundreds of fabulous fashion combinations, and explore Alfea castle while studying new spells and completing various quests until they become worthy of experiencing the fairy transformation.

Sword Art Online Makes its Way to Smartphones

Sword Art Online Makes its Way to Smartphones

There’s no denying that Sword Art Online is one of the hottest franchises these days, transcending language and cultural barriers to the point where it has gained fans even in countries that don’t exactly have them yet. But it turns out that they’re not done yet, as there are plans to expand even further when it comes to supported platforms.

With the recent launch of an official site and Twitter account, Sword Art Online fone has begun looking for Japanese and Singaporean beta testers for their beta version of Aincrad on the Android platform.

iOS and Android Gets New Dragon Ball RPG

iOS and Android Gets New Dragon Ball RPG

Good news for Dragon Ball fans who own a tablet device – Namco Bandai has recently posted a preview video revealing a brand new Dragon Ball game for your precious devices. The game is titled Dragon Ball RPG: Shounen Hen and will be a 4-chapter RPG set in the early days of Goku (when he was a pre-teen fighting Demon King Picollo).

Dragon Ball RPG: Shounen Hen will be in 2D and seems to be using a game engine similar to Attack of the Saiyans on the DS, which means top down exploration and turn based fighting. Unfortunately for North American fans, it’s Japanese only (for now, or maybe forever.)

For more details (provided that you understand Japanese,) you can check out the video below:

Batman: Arkham Origins Exclusive Interviews from SDCC

Batman: Arkham Origins comes out October 25!

It’s finally here! The day you have been waiting for ever since you heard that Batman: Arkham Origins was coming out on every device, to everyone worldwide, on October 25th. There’s 3 different types of games available under the Arkham Origins story:

WiiU, PS3, XBOX 360, and PC gamers get the Full Version of the game, where you follow the story as Batman, following the Black Mask, as he puts a bounty on Batman’s head for 50 million dollars and unleashes 8 assassins to finish off Batman, once and for all. No reviews are available for this version because everyone in the world will have the first crack at it when stores open on October 25. So, check out the main site for further information:

Official Site for Batman: Arkham Origins

Kevin Conroy Won't Be in Batman: Arkham Origins

Android and iOS Gets One Piece Endless Runner Game


Endless Runner games are a dime-a-dozen on tablets, and they’re basically working under the same principles when it comes to gameplay – your character runs automatically on a seemingly endless path, and your job is to either steer or make them jump in order to avoid obstacles and collect items/power-ups.

The main pull of the games, and the reason why they’re still extremely popular to this day, is that they can be applied to just about any IP – from Pixar’s Brave to the Minions, to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and even original ones. Now, it’s One Piece’s turn as Tony Tony Chopper gets his own version called One Piece Running Chopper: Chopper and the Island of Bonds.

Kidobi Adds Bananas in Pyjamas to Library


Online video platform Kidobi has recently announced that they have added the popular kids’ TV series Bananas in Pyjamas to their library of preschool videos available in the US. The show was licensed via Endemol Worldwide Distribution in a deal negiotiated by Kidobi’s Content Ambassador David Wollos, and Endemol’s SVP for Sales and Acquisitions Matt Creasey.

The Bananas in Pyjamas can be watched online through or through their mobile app. The series uses 3D CG animation in order to bring to life the twin bananas B1 and B2, along with their various friends. Each episode features humor mixed with life-lessons and encourages generosity and optimism.

Disney Launches Second Screen Live: The Little Mermaid


Starting on September 20, The Walt Disney Studios will give animation fans a whole new way to enjoy a classic film with a new interactive event called ‘Second Screen Live: The Little Mermaid,’ in which the timeless musical adventure will be shown once again on select theaters for a special limited engagement, with one special feature: the audience are encouraged to become part of the story.

Second Screen Live: The Little Mermaid will see the launch of Disney Second Screen Live, which is a new second-screen technology that allows viewers to interact with the film, with each other, and their fellow audience members via their tablet device.

In order to participate, viewers need to download the free Second Screen Live: The Little Mermaid App on an Apple iPad or iPad Mini and bring the device along to the screening where they can use it to interact with the film, play games, find hidden treasure, sing along, and even compete with other movie goers for the chance to win great prizes.

This brand new, magical theatrical experience starts on September 20 at the following theaters:

Everything’s Rosie Making its Way to Mobile


Popular CG animated preschool show Everything’s Rosie will be arriving on mobile devices soon, as its producer and licensor V&S Entertainment have recently appointed Daredevil Development Ltd as a licensee that will produce a gaming app across various mobile, smart phone, and tablet devices.

The license was granted in recognition of the growing importance of multi media platforms these days, with Daredevil Development’s David Mowbray admitting that the concept of Everything’s Rosie and the adventures on the show translate well into fun and educational apps.

DreamWorks’ Turbo App Reaches 20M Downloads


It seems like box office numbers are not the only thing that Dreamworks Animation has going for them, as their Turbo Racing League mobile app has reached a landmark 20 million download since its initial launch. The game is based on DreamWorks’ Animation’s CG animated feature Turbo, and has maintained its place as the No.1 most downloaded racing app for 10 weeks now. It also won the $1,000,000 Shell-Out Contest from Verizon.

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