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Rovio Entertainment Adds 3rd Party IPs to ToonsTV

Rovio Entertainment has just announced that their mobile video entertainment platform, ToonsTV, has just surpassed 1 billion views in its first 7 months. The numbers are expected to climb even further when they start airing new Angry Birds cartoons in 2014 along with a number of high quality third party content. Rovio’s new shows, which are all under development, include a 2nd season of ...


Rovio to Present Angry Birds Keynote at Brand Licensing Europe

Some critics may accuse Rovio of being a one hit wonder, primarily because they mostly owe their success to the hit multiplatform game Angry Birds, but whether the criticism is valid or not is not a concern to Rovio, as they’re too busy enjoying the success of the franchise, which now includes an extensive line of merchandise, an animated TV show, and several iterations of the game, ...


Angry Birds Star Wars II Scheduled for This Fall

Lucasfilm Ltd. and Rovio Entertainment Ltd. have jointly announced that they will be continuing their collaboration via a sequel to the extremely popular inter-franchise crossover game Angry Birds Star Wars. The new game is dubbed Angry Birds Star Wars II, and is slated for a September 19 launch via app stores worldwide. ...


PowerA and Rovio Partner for Angry Birds

PowerA and Rovio Entertainment, which is the creator of the extremely popular Angry Birds franchise, has just announced a multi-year North American licensing partnership that will lead to the creation and distribution of various merchandise based on the hit casual game franchise. ...

Angry Birds Movie to be Written by Jon Vitti

Angry Birds Movie to be Written by Jon Vitti

Emmy Award-winning writer Jon Vitti has been hired to write the script for Rovio Entertainment’s forthcoming 3D feature adaptation of the massively popular game Angry Birds. Vitti is no stranger to animated features, having worked in Alvin and the Chipmunks and The Simpsons movie, further backed up by solid writing credits that include King of the Hill, The Simpsons’ TV series, The ...


Teletoon Acquires Angry Birds

Canadian toon channel Teletoon has recently acquired the Angry Birds Toons from Finnish producer Rovio Entertainment, and they are planning to include the shorts in their Saturday morning schedule. The birds will be shown on the cabler every Saturday at 9:57 am, with Teletoon confirming that they have acquired all 52 initial animated episodes based on the popular game. The broadcaster, which ...


DreamWorks and Rovio Team Up for a New Croods Game

In support of the upcoming Caveman-themed animated comedy, The Croods, DreamWorks Animation has commissioned Angry Birds developer Rovio Entertainment in order to produce a new mobile game based on the prehistoric stars of The Croods. The upcoming Croods game will find the cave-family breaking out of the Stone Age with the use of a new revolutionary tool: the IDEA! The Croods will hunt and ...

Angry Birds

Shigeru Miyamoto Likes Angry Birds

In a recent interview with Hookshot Inc., Nintendo bigwig Shigeru Miyamoto shared a few choice words about the mobile gaming sensation Angry Birds. It may come off as a surprise, considering Angry Birds is most popular in Apple’s portable devices, which is the only serious competitor to Nintendo in the handheld division, but Miyamoto actually has a lot of respect for Angry Birds and its ...

Free Angry Birds Game

Free Angry Birds Game

Angry Birds is the latest in the line of Flash Games that has become so popular based on its simplicity and comedic sensibilities. If you want a copy of the game that you can play from any browser that supports flash, then your prayers have been answered. ...

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