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Angry Birds Space Lands on Nickelodeon

Angry Birds Creator Acquires New Animation Studio

Fresh off the success of their recent Angry Birds Space cartoon, Angry Birds creator Rovio Entertainment has recently acquired Futuremark Games Studio, which is the gaming arm of the software developer Futuremark (known for their suite of benchmark software, which is being used as the de facto standard for gauging PC gaming hardware). ...

Angry Birds Space Lands on Nickelodeon

Angry Birds Space Lands on Nickelodeon

Angry Birds fanatics are in for a treat this Wednesday, March 21 as Nickelodeon will premiere the new Angry Birds short entitled “Angry Birds Space” at 7 PM during Spongebob Squarepants. Nicktoons will also air the short during Power Rangers Samurai. The short is fresh off the global exclusive deal on the cabler, which means the short will also run on Nick channels all over the ...

Angry Birds

Angry Birds Shorts on your Samsung TV

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd has recently announced that they are partnering with software developer Rovio to bring the breakthrough gaming phenomenon, Angry Birds to Samsung’s Smart TVs. The primary focus is on the Angry Birds series of flash based games, but in support of the project is a series of Angry Birds animated shorts that will be made available as free content on Smart TVs. ...

Angry Birds Land on Nickelodeon

Angry Birds Land on Nickelodeon

As if taking over your PC, handheld, and mobile screens isn’t enough, Angry Birds has set its sights on the screens in your living room this holiday season, as a new exclusive short entitled Angry Birds: Wreck the Halls is scheduled to premiere in Nickelodeon, during the 11 AM airing of Kung Fu Panda: Legend of Awesomeness. The Angry Birds short is a global exclusive to Nick, and will only air ...

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