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CBBC Launching First Animated Series Pilot Initiative, ANIM8

CBBC, with help from BBC Worldwide, will be giving UK creators some much-needed boost when it launches its first ever animated series pilot initiative, dubbed ANIM8. Under the initiative, the network is encouraging UK creators to send character-driven animated comedy pitches their way. The chosen ones will be funded for development. ANIM8 is now open to pitches that target older kids with humor, ...


Vibe Inc. Creates Cardboard Personal Studio: Danbocchi

A division of Namco Bandai called Vibe Inc has recently unveiled a new product that would be a boon to artists, animators, writers, and other creative individuals who need a quiet isolated place inside their home, where they can let the creative juices flow without distractions: the Danbocchi. The unique thing about the Danbocchi is that it is made out of cardboard, but don’t take that to mean ...

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