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Benlai and Ankama Co-Produce New Animated Movie, Old Street

China’s Benlai Pictures and France’s Ankama have recently partnered in order to co-produce a new animated movie based on Nie Jun’s Chinese comic book, titled Old Street. The development itself was done through Ankama’s production/distribution arm, Planet Nemo, with a budget estimated to be roughly $5 million and will rely on traditional 2D animation as its medium, while still retaining ...

Wakfu to Premiere on TV5Monde

Wakfu to Premiere on TV5Monde

French cartoon series WAKFU will be having its international premiere on TV5Monder Asia, Pacific, Orieng and the US as its first season debuts on Sept. 17, 2012 Weekdays at 5 PM. The second season is also slated to follow with a start date scheduled for October 23, 2012. ...

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