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The Great Mouse Detective: Mystery in the Mist Edition review

The Great Mouse Detective: Mystery in the Mist Edition review

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created the legend known as Sherlock Holmes, recently made famous again in the film starring Robert Downey Jr, of Iron Man fame. What we’re almost certain Conan Doyle never foresaw, despite his detective-like ability, was that one day, an animation company named Disney would create a character based on his creation. A mouse, no less. And yet, here we are, ...

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel DVD review

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel DVD review

Alvin and the Chipmunks is box office gold. Even if you yourself have not seen either film, you know 20 people who have. The first film brought in over $200 million dollars in the US when it came out in 2007, only to be surpassed by the Squeakquel with $220 million earlier this year. With a third film on the way in 2011, in the luxuriously priced 3D format, Fox absolutely has a winner on ...

Konami calls Upper Deck a cheater at Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

Konami calls Upper Deck a cheater at Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

Yu-Gi-Oh! has been around for quite some time now, over a decade in all. Through that span, the series has undergone many changes; different stars, different channels, etc. There’s also issues with the toys and printed cards, as well. Just the other day, Konami announced that Upper Deck allegedly printed thousands of fake cards for its popular trading card game in China, bringing them ...

Yu-Gi-Oh! 10th Anniversary Movie Debuts in Japan

Yu-Gi-Oh! 10th Anniversary Movie Debuts in Japan

This past weekend, Japanese fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series (any of them!) were treated to the blockbuster event we’ve been talking about for a while now, the Yu-Gi-Oh! 10th Anniversary special. The film stars all 3 stars of the franchise, Yugi Muto, Jaden Yuki, and Yusei Fudo, from Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, respectively. The lucky fans not only had the chance to ...

SpongeBob SquarePants is back for more

SpongeBob SquarePants is back for more

You didn’t think all the hubbub about SpongeBob?s 10th anniversary would actually be talking about his final season, did you? Of course not! Nickelodeon has picked up a brand new season, filled with 26 new episodes of the porous one and his underwater pals. With the addition of this season, the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise would fall just shy of 200 episodes, sitting at around 180. ...


Casper the Friendly Ghost turns 60

He’s a friendly ghost, and apparently an old one, too! This month, Casper turns 60 years old – how perfect to time his anniversary with Halloween. To celebrate the date, he’s getting a collection of books, DVDs, and a brand new animated series! The Classic Media toon, Casper’s Scare School, will play in full CG, and is based on the DVD special of the same name. Casper ...


Noise from the Peanuts Gallery

Peanuts, the collective home to Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and all of Charles M. Schulz’s characters, are turning 60 years old next year. Yes, even Linus and Lucy will be in their 60s. As part of the anniversary celebration at this major milestone, the company is holding a contest where fans who look like characters in the series can be rewarded! The Peanuts 60th Anniversary Photo ...


Turtles Forever, actually never

About two weeks ago, ToonBarn reported that every TMNT fan across the universe would witness the shell-ebration of a lifetime: Turtles Forever, a movie featuring every generation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles teaming up across the big screen. It was a fitting tribute to the Turtles on their 25th anniversary. But now, there is only shell-shock, as it appears the project has been ...


Bakugan Battle Brawlers are the 2009 Toy of the Year

The Toy Industry Association has been handing out awards for toy excellence for years now, much like the Oscars of the toy world. This year, even though the selection was tough, the answer was clear: the Toy of the Year award went to Spin Master for its Bakugan Battle Brawlers Battle Packs. Property of the Year honors went to the Bakugan, overall. Spanning the actual game, video games, and ...


New Tenth Anniversary Yu-Gi-Oh! anime film

For all of you Yu-Gi-Oh! fans, this will be a real treat. A new Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie, celebrating the ten years the anime has been on television, is being produced by the Japanese animation company NAS. The movie will be displayed in 3D, but still animated in the cartoon 2D form. In the movie, all three Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonists, Yugi Moto, Jaden Yuki, and Yusei Fudo will unite against a new villain, a ...


Turtles Forever

Sometimes four Ninja Turtles, or any one point in a 25 year history, just isn’t enough. So what are you supposed to do? Merge all generations of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the TMNT’s 25th Anniversary Shell-ebration; Turtles Forever. On Thursday, October 29th at 7pm, the classic Turtles from the 1980’s cartoon are back, teaming with the Turtles of the 21st Century! ...


Rocky & Bullwinkle, Underdog, and Mr. Magoo shirts

They haven’t been as mainstream as they once were, but classic toons always have a way of finding their way back to our thoughts … and our closets. Take, for example, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Underdog, and Mr. Magoo. These three “hall of fame” toons have been around for awhile — this is Rocky & Bullwinkle’s 50th anniversary year, and Mr. Magoo’s ...

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