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Toby Turner Makes His Way to Cartoon Network

Viral video sensation Toby Turner is getting ready to bring his unique brand of off-kilter humor to Cartoon Network, via a series of hilarious on-air spots that feature Turner himself and his strangely verbose dog Gryphon. The segments will have the duo poking fun at various popular Cartoon Network Shows such as Adventure Time, Teen Titans Go, Regular Show, Johnny Test, and the Amazing World of ...


Cartoon Network Gets a New Summer Look

Cartoon Network has recently received a brand new look courtesy of their in-house creative agency Creative Group, just in time for summer. The new look sports brightly colored images, as is expected of any summer theme, and is complemented by a video that seamlessly blends the work of top animators from all over the world. The new look is part of their 2013 Summer Refresh, with new graphics ...

Cartoon Network to Deliver New Season of Annoying Orange

Cartoon Network to Deliver New Season of Annoying Orange

This May 16, Thursday, at 7:30 PM ET/PT, the hit youtube phenomenon-turned-hit TV show Annoying Orange will be returning to Cartoon Network for another season of fresh produce-themed comedy. The series’ first season managed to attract close to 2 million viewers so it’s not a surprise that it’s back for a second run-around. The 2nd season of The Annoying Orange will feature a ...

Fanimation: For Your Consideration: Oscar Outtakes

Fanimation: For Your Consideration: Oscar Outtakes

Oscar time is over, but we still have time for one last laugh. Jace Diehl is a 14 year old filmmaker who makes animated videos on YouTube. Some of his other videos include Doodle VS. Doodle and Nickelodeon Comic Con 2011 (ft. Butch Hartman). In this video Jace parodies some of the nominees nominated for Best Picture. They include The Tree of Life, Midnight in Paris, and much more. Included in ...

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