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Action Dad is Showcase for Kids’ counter to traditional family fun

Liz Ramsey and her brother Mick have a seemingly normal life. Well, normal, except that their dad is a super secret action hero. Oh, and also, their mom is a super secret villain! Yes, the beloved married couple of Chuck Ramsey and Angela Ramsey includes a bit of chaos, with the two each working for […]

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Hawaii Film Partners and Frederator Studios team for Ape Escape

At a recent KidScreen Summit held in New York City, Hawaii Film Partners and Frederator Studios, the folks behind Nickelodeon’s Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! and The Fairly OddParents, got to show off some of their TV projects to an international audience. Included in the mix was Ape Escape, the animated series based on Sony PlayStation’s Ape […]