Superman Batman Apocalypse the next DC Universe Animated Original Movie

It’s difficult to imagine someone, or something, as powerful as Superman. I mean, come on, he’s the Man of Steel, for crying out loud! But, in Superman Batman Apocalypse, that’s exactly what Supes and The Dark Knight encounter when a spaceship splashes down in Gotham City Harbor. THere, a new Kryptonian emerges: Kara, Superman’s cousin, […]

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Warner Premiere presents Superman Batman: Apocalypse, the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight versus Darkseid

Warner Premiere has been on a hot streak, releasing some of the greatest super hero films of all time in the span of just a few years. And, luckily for fans like us, they’re all animated creations, expanding the world of toons for us all. Whether its Green Lantern or Wonder Woman or even all […]