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The Nut Job App Released Ahead of Theatrical Run

We’re still a couple of weeks away from the big screen premiere of The Nut Job, but licensee Cupcake Digital is giving us a chance to experience certain aspects of the film in advance via the release of a new app for the iOS, Android, Nook, and Kindle platforms. The Nut Job app will be featuring an interactive story based on the film, which will put users in the shoes of protagonist Surly the ...


Disney Animated Named Best iPad App for 2013

The House of Mouse will be ending the year on a high note, as it’s just been one success after the other. Fresh off the recent success of Frozen (as well as being approved for a Chinese theatrical release, which is an achievement in and of itself), their Disney Animated App has just been named by Apple as the iPad app of the year for 2013. ...


Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter Launch Delayed

The headline is a bit confusing with regard to whether it’s good or bad news, but it’s actually a bit of both: Nintendo originally scheduled the North American launch of their Pokemon Bank app for December 27, but the sheer number of fans who wanted to download the subscription-based (yet temporarily free) app and register for new Nintendo Network Ids on the Japanese side has resulted in ...


Doc McStuffins App Makes its Way to Android and Kindle

The his iOS app Doc McStuffins: Time for Your Check Up! Has just been released for Android devices via the Google Play Store and for Kindle tablets via the Amazon App Store. Priced at $3.99, the app is one of Disney’s most successful apps to date, being named by Apple as its 11th most popular paid app for 2013. Doc McStuffins: Time for Your Check Up! Features the beloved characters from the ...


Tilly and Friends Gets New iOS App

Leading kid’s book publisher Walker Books has recently entered into a partnership with games developer Daredevil Development in order to launch the first ever iOS game app for the Tilly and Friends franchise. The app will follow the Tilly and Friends characters Tilly, Pru, Tumpty, Doodle, Hector and Tiptoe in a fun series of 32 mini games. The app will feature rich art and animation that bring ...


Spongebob Moves In App Launches Christmas Update

Nickelodeon’s hit city moving iOS app Spongebob Moves In will be celebrating the holidays with the release of a brand new holiday update that features new characters, buildings, recipes, and decorations. The update features a mysterious diminutive figure that is turning Santa’s elves into jerks, and it is up to players to help Spongebob keep them happy and maintain the town’s holiday ...

Subway Surfers to Get its Own Cartoon Series

Subway Surfers to Get its Own Cartoon Series

If you think Angry Birds is the only mobile game that is worthy of being translated into animated form, think again: Ink has recently announced that a new animated TV series based on the hit endless runner app Subway Surfers. In a way, the new Subway Surfers Cartoon series is just a way for the brand to go full circle, as the app was based on an award-winning short animated film created by SyBo ...

Cartoon Network Releases Steven Universe iOS App

Cartoon Network Releases Steven Universe iOS App

Last Monday, Cartoon Network debuted their newest animated comedy series, Steven Universe, with an impressive turnout among kids and boys aged 6 to 11, making it their #1 series premiere of the year among said demographic. In celebration, Cartoon Network has just released a brand new iOS app based on the series, titled Steven Universe Gem Bound. In Gem Bound, players are put in the shoes of the ...

Guru Studio Releases New Justin Time App

Guru Studio Releases New Justin Time App

Guru Studio has just announced the launch of a new Justin Time App for iOS devices titled “Justin’s Jig Jag Jog,” which is already available for English-speaking markets via the Apple Store. Justin’s Jig Jag Jog will contain 3 game levels that are based on the show’s second season, with each one being set in an exciting new location that stays true to the ...


Toon Hero App Review; Interview and Demo at NYCC

Toon Hero is an iPad app that makes it easy for anyone to make short animated clips using your favorite characters and backgrounds, and recording your own voice. Now you can bring your favorite characters to life with Toon Hero. Create your own story, joke, holiday greeting or create a message to share online with your friends. It is as simple as tapping, dragging and recording your own voice. ...


Disney to Launch Second Screen Event for Nightmare Before Christmas

Starting on October 18, The Walt Disney Studios will be running screening Second Screen Live: The Nightmare Before Christmas in select theatres, making for a special engagement that is appropriate for two of the most popular holidays in the year – Halloween and Christmas. In order to experience the event the way it’s meant to be experienced, audiences are being invited to download ...


Band Aid and Nickelodeon Launches a New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles App

BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages and Nickelodeon have jointly announced the addition of the popular CG animated action series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the Magic Vision App. Starting this fall, parents can unlock fun filled activities for their kids by installing the Magic Vision App on an iOS device with iOS version 6 or higher (iPhone 5, iPad 2+, iPhone 4/s), which is available for ...

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