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Matt Hatter Chronicles gets new mobile game

British media company Platinum Films has launched a new mobile game based on the hit animated series Matt Hatter Chronicles through their Giant Pixel division. Realm Runner, a free-to-play title for Android and iOS devices, allows fans to play as Matt and take down the Tenoroc’s villainous forces. Attention Hatter fans! The Multiverse needs YOU! The evil Lord Tenoroc has unleashed the ...

Angry Birds

Shigeru Miyamoto Likes Angry Birds

In a recent interview with Hookshot Inc., Nintendo bigwig Shigeru Miyamoto shared a few choice words about the mobile gaming sensation Angry Birds. It may come off as a surprise, considering Angry Birds is most popular in Apple’s portable devices, which is the only serious competitor to Nintendo in the handheld division, but Miyamoto actually has a lot of respect for Angry Birds and its ...

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