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Cartoon Saloon

RUMOR: Apple in Talks with Cartoon Saloon Over an Animated Movie

According to rumors floating around on the Internet, multinational tech company Apple, Inc. is currently in talks with Ireland-based animation studio Cartoon Saloon over the rights for an animated movie, which will be part of the Cupertino giant’s upcoming slate of original video offerings. There are still no details and the movie is said to have not been made yet, but Apple is allegedly ...


New The Smurfs Game Makes its Way to Mobile: Epic Run

Peyo’s cute little blue creatures The Smurfs has found its way to our mobile devices via a new 2D platforming game titled Smurfs Epic Run. It doesn’t matter what type of mobile device you have, as the game has been released simultaneously on iOS, Android, and Amazon’s respective digital storefronts. Your budget is also completely irrelevant, as the game is being offered completely free. The ...


Pokemon TCG Makes Its Way to iPad

As previously announced at the World Championships in Washington DC this summer, the online version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game has been launched on the iPad platform. This will be a big boon to fans of the iconic TCG that no longer have the ability to collect and store the cards (for a number of reasons, I’m sure.) The Pokemon TCG Online game lets players collect, trade, and play on their ...


Adventure Time Releases New iOS App: Adventure Time Card Wars

Cartoon Network Digital and D3Publisher have once again joined forces in order to create a new game based on the Adventure Time property. This time around, it’s a mobile app titled Adventure Time Card Wars, which is currently made available for $3.99 via the App Store on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices. Based on a fan favorite episode from the show, Adventure Time Card Wars gives fans a ...


Disney Animated Named Best iPad App for 2013

The House of Mouse will be ending the year on a high note, as it’s just been one success after the other. Fresh off the recent success of Frozen (as well as being approved for a Chinese theatrical release, which is an achievement in and of itself), their Disney Animated App has just been named by Apple as the iPad app of the year for 2013. ...


New Ben & Holly Magic School App Launched

This coming summer, Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom will be casting its spell via a brand new app called Magic School, which will be launched on the Apple app store courtesy of interactive kids’ app publisher, P2 Games. The Ben & Holly Magic School App will be made available to download from the app store for for £2.99 and will support the iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod ...

Cyber Group's Releases New Zou Interactive Goodies

Cyber Group Releases New Zou Interactive Goodies

France’s Cyber Group Studios has just announced the release of new interactive projects based on the HD CG preschool show Zou (52 x 11). The interactive projects, which are meant to extend the brand, will consist of an animated ebook, various apps, and a dedicated website. The Zou eBook is already available via Apple’s App Store and the Android market, with releases in English, ...

Cartoon Network Furthers TV Everywhere Strategy

Cartoon Network Furthers TV Everywhere Strategy

Cartoon Network has just announced that they will soon stream all of their on air content live across different platforms, spearheaded by their online portal and Apple’s iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad devices. The decision to go transmedia further expands Cartoon Network’s TV Everywhere Strategy, which aims to deliver content for viewers regardless of medium. ...

E3 2011: Nintendo Wii U Revealed

E3 2011: Nintendo Wii U Revealed

Nintendo recently revealed their new console Wii 2 – well actually its now known as Nintendo Wii U. The new console comes with a very interesting controller. The controller is like an iPad but better, With this you can sit and watch your own screen while your friends and or family play on the television screen with their “wiimotes,” and when your parents, girlfriend, boyfriend, ...

For the honor of Grayskull, She-Ra: The Complete Series 25th Anniversary Edition

For the honor of Grayskull, She-Ra: The Complete Series 25th Anniversary Edition

He-Man’s little sister has come along way. From wrecking shop and kicking butt 25 years ago in Saturday morning cartoons, Princess Adora and her alter ego She-Ra have journeyed their way to the internet via YouTube, classic replays on Cartoon Network’s Boomerang, digital downloads via Apple’s iTunes, and now she finds herself available on DVD in a complete collection for the ...

Cartoon Network's MAD debuts TransBoreMores / Groan Wars tonight

Cartoon Network’s MAD debuts TransBoreMores / Groan Wars tonight

Want to go MAD tonight? Cartoon Network is here to help! The animation channel recently premiered a new toon based on the satire magazine just last week, and the initial feedback has been awesome. Continuing where the first episode left off, tonight, the “usual gang of idiots” (a not-so-nice way to refer to creative folks behind MAD) take on Transformers, How I Met Your Mother, ...

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