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Kenny Loggins to Guest on FX’s Archer

This coming March 3, FX’s action comedy cartoon Archer will be featuring the legendary musician Kenny Loggins lending his voice to a character named “Kenny ‘K-Log’ Loggins,” who is supposed to be based on himself but obviously exaggerated for comedic effect: K-Log is an image-obsessed rockstar with a shadowdy past, leading him to suspect that Archer isn’t a fan but an agent sent by one of his many enemies. The episode will also feature a performance of one of Loggins’ most recognizable songs, Danger Zone.

FX Previews Danny McBride’s Chozen on Xbox This Week

All throughout the week, FX Networks will be offering an exclusive sneak peek for the upcoming animated series Chozen via their FXNOW App. The 13-episode series will be premiering on Monday, January 13 on FX, following the new episodes of the popular animated comedy series Archer.

Chozen is an animated comedy series that focuses on the titular character, who is a gay white rapper who just got out of prison. After his time in prison, Chozen has decided to turn over a new leaf and redeem himself while also trying to claim his rightful position as the world’s top rap artist.

Archer’s Fifth Season to Premiere on January 13

Archer's Fifth Season to Premiere on January 13

Fans of FX’s Archer will be glad to know that the fifth season of the hit animated action comedy series has been scheduled for a January 13, 2014 release at exacly 10 PM. The Adam Reed-created show first debuted on FX in September of 2009, and focuses on the eponymous suave, egotistical superspy and his colleagues at the International Secret Intelligence Service in New York.

Archer’s Season 5 Greenlit

FX archer

The hit animated spy comedy Archer was confirmed to be returning to Fox’s FX network, even as its fourth season wraps up on April 11 at 10pm, due to a fifth season being given the greenlight, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The show will also be part of the Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy contest.

Archer stars comedians H. Jon benjamin as Archer and Aisha Tyler as his ISIS partner/sometimes love interest Lana Kane, and is exec produced by Reed and Matt Thompson. The fourth season of the show saw a 44 percent year over year rating increase with adults 18 to 234, and 36 percent up with adults aged 18 to 49.

FX and Danny McBride to Develop a New Cartoon

FX and Danny McBride to Develop a New Cartoon

According to, FX has just placed an order for a new pilot for the animated comedy titled Chosen, which came from comedian Danny McBride and his partners Jody Hill and David Gordon Green. Chosen was written by Grant Dekernion, who used to be writer’s assistant on Hill, McBride, and Green’s HBO series Eastbound & Down. Dekernion will also be voicing the lead character.

FX’s Archer Returns in January

FX’s Archer Returns in January

The FX Network has announced the date of the much-awaited return of its popular animated series Archer, setting it as January 17, 2013 at 10 AM. Archer has been nominated for both the Emmy and Annie awards, and boasts of an impressive voice cast that includes the likes of H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Jessica Walter, Judy Greer and Chris Parnell. It is also one of FX’s top rating shows, with its 3rd season managing to get over two million viewers per episode compared to its previous season.

FX and Aqua Teen Co-Creator Develops a New Toon

FX and Aqua Teen Co-Creator Develops a New Toon

After the overwhelming success of Archer and the decent following that Unsupervised got, it seems that FX has finally realized that there is indeed a market for homegrown animated shows these days, which is why they have decided to develop a new half-hour animated show with Aqua Teen Hunger Force co-creator Matt Maiellero and newcomer Grand Dekernion. The show they are collaborating on focuses on a man who is recently released from prison.

Burt Reynolds Plays Himself in Archer

Burt Reynolds Plays Himself in Archer

One of the first surprises for the 3rd season of FX’s popular animated series Archer is the guest appearance of Burt Reynolds, who will play himself in one of the episodes, entitled “The Man From Jupiter”, which is a direct reference to Burt’s place of residence – Jupiter, Fla. “The Man From Jupiter” will air in January, and in it, Reynolds will date Agent Sterling Archer’s superior and mother, Malory – which will put him at odds with Sterling himself. According to series creator Adam Reed, this is a perfect setup because there is no bigger fan of Burt Reynolds than Agent Sterling Archer himself. Reed further reveals that everything about Archer; from the way he moves to the way he talks is all about the agent trying to imitate Burt. It’s also common knowledge that Sterling is constantly raving about Burt’s movies and off-screen persona.

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